The Burnie Challenge course is located in the Shorewell Creek area and starts behind Hellyer College. The course consists of trail running mixed with various challenging obstacles. It is based on the Tough Mudder concept which has been extremely popular across the Globe in promoting the benefits of cross training.


The Burnie Challenge first began in 2011 and originated from the Healthy Communities Initiative funding from the Department of Health and Ageing. The Burnie Challenge is an exciting, affordable, unique physical extreme sporting event suitable for all fitness levels. The Burnie Challenge is a great team building exercise benefiting sport and recreation clubs as well as local businesses, school groups and families.

The event is not a timed event or considered a race. The Burnie Challenge event focuses on encouraging people to challenge themselves physically to test their own capabilities and inspire to improve their fitness in a fun way and to work together to assist others to complete the course.

The Burnie Challenge event has resulted in successfully building a strong sense of community, not only with the participants but with the many partnerships formed and generous contributions made by local businesses.